Universal Mercedes CR1 and CR2 IMMO Emulator

Universal Mercedes CR1 and CR2 IMMO Emulator

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UNIVERSAL MB CR1 AND CR2 IMMO EMULATOR Same emulator fits both CR1 and CR2 systems.

No configuration and jumpers requred.

This is high quality NON-China, manufactured in EU MB Immo Emulator. Device can emulate good working immobilizer for MB cars with common rail system to unlock engine control unit. This tool can by useful for car tuning specialist, when new type motor are installed in old vehicle and you need disable original immobilizer function in engine ECU. Can replace defective immobilizer unit (very common problem in older cars) .

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Supported cars:

· CR1 MB VITO 2.2CDI – 5 plugs

· CR1 MB A-class 1.7CDI – 5 plugs

· CR1 MB EDC/MSA15 (2.5TD, 2.9TD, 3.0TD) – 1 plug

· CR1 MB Gasoline BOSCH ECU ME2.X with HC11E9

· CR1 MB E-class LUCAS ECU – 4 plugs

· CR1 MB A-class gasoline VDO MSM (1.4L 1.6L 1.9L)

· CR2 MB Sprinter 2.2CDI, 2.7CDI – 5 plugs

· CR2 MB ML 2.7CDI – 5 plugs


Recommended installing with specialist, since you need desolder ecu EEPROM, change contents with programmer and solder it back. (Fitting instructions included)

Universal mercedes CR1, CR2 Immo Emulator will not work if you just connect it to non-prepared ECU!


C O N N E C T I O N: 

Only 4 wires: +12V (ignition), GND and CAN BUS-lines.

Disconnect original immo from can bus!

DEBUG LED: flash -> communication on CAN bus, continuous on -> engine ECU unlocked, off -> no engine ECU request.

Weight: 10 g
Dimensions: 150 mm × 120 mm × 20 mm